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Newborn Care Specialist

Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic

Pediatrics located in Eagle Pass, TX

Giving your baby the right start in life starts with early visits to an experienced pediatrician, like Eliézer Hernández, MD, PA. At Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic in Eagle Pass, Texas, Dr. Hernández and his medical team offer comprehensive health services for newborn babies to ensure they’re growing and thriving. Your baby can receive necessary vaccinations, routine wellness checks, and specialized care for existing health conditions. Learn more about available newborn care services by scheduling a consultation at Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic today, online or by phone.

Newborn Care Q & A

What happens during a newborn visit?

During the first few years of your baby’s life, your Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic pediatrician recommends routine visits every two to three months to evaluate their growth and development. Each visit involves an assessment of your child’s:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Heart rate
  • Skin health
  • Body temperature

Your Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic provider discusses any changes in your baby since your last visit and performs a physical exam to evaluate your baby’s health and strength. They can also address any concerns you have as a parent.

As your child continues to grow, your child’s pediatrician may perform certain assessments to evaluate your child’s development, behavior, and the achievement of certain milestones, like rolling over and engaging with people around them.

What are the benefits of a newborn care visit?

By consulting with your Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic pediatrician every few months, you get the peace of mind that the team understands your child’s specific health needs. 

Routine visits also allow your child’s doctor the opportunity to identify potential health issues as early as possible, so treatment is more effective.

The Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic medical team is also available for sick visits when your child isn’t feeling well. They focus on custom treatment plans to address fevers, infections, and other issues that can develop in infants.

If your child has an existing health condition since birth, their doctor creates a treatment plan to manage current symptoms and prevent a worsening of the condition.

As skilled pediatricians, the team at Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic can also help you throughout the earliest months of parenthood, addressing your questions and concerns at every visit. 

They ensure your child is getting sufficient nutrition and can address problems with eating and sleeping to make newborn care more manageable.

Will my baby need vaccinations?

Vaccinations are important for protecting your child’s health and reducing their risk for health complications relating to chronic diseases, like measles and whooping cough.

The Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic staff recommends several vaccinations starting soon after birth and throughout childhood. 

Children begin receiving vaccinations so early because their immune system is still developing and not able to fully protect children from potentially life-threatening diseases.

If you’re looking for a compassionate and experienced pediatrician for newborn care, schedule a consultation with the medical team at Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic today using the convenient online booking feature or by calling the office to learn more.