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Ear Infection Specialist

Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic

Pediatrics located in Eagle Pass, TX

If your toddler is constantly pulling at their ears or your older child is experiencing ear pain, they may have an ear infection. At Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic experienced pediatrician, Eliézer Hernández, MD, PA, and his medical team offer evaluations and treatments for ear infections. Dr. Hernández focuses on relieving your child’s pain quickly and properly clearing the infection. If your child needs surgery to address chronic ear infections, Dr. Hernández can refer you to a specialist. Find out more about treating ear infections by calling the Eagle Pass, Texas, office or by booking an appointment online now.

Ear Infection Q & A

What is an ear infection?

An ear infection is the result of bacteria that causes inflammation in the middle ear leading to a buildup of fluid just behind the eardrum. This infection often results when your child has a cold, sore throat, or oanother typeof upper respiratory infection that spreads into the ears.

While anyone can develop an ear infection, the condition is very common in children. Some kids may develop chronic ear infections. 

Chronic infections may be the result of smaller tubes in your child’s ear or due to a frequent mucus blockage in the these tubes that don’t allow excess fluids to drain out naturally.

Children are also at increased risk for recurrent ear infections because their immune systems are still developing and not able to effectively protect against bacteria.

What are the symptoms of an ear infection?

Ear infections can be very painful in children. Infants and toddlers may become increasingly fussy and cry often when an infection is present. Older children may complain of ear pain and frequently touch or pull their ears.

Other symptoms of ear infections include:

  • Fever
  • Ear drainage
  • Balance problems
  • Hearing difficulties 

Your child may also have sleeping issues due to ongoing pain and pressure in the ears.

How is an ear infection diagnosed?

To determine if your child’s ear pain relates to an infection, your Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic pediatrician reviews their symptoms and examines your child’s ear using a lighted otoscope instrument.

Your child’s doctor also evaluates any other symptoms to create a treatment plan that focuses on fast relief of pain and hearing difficulties.

What treatments are available for an ear infection?

Bacterial ear infections require a course of antibiotics that your child will take for up to 10 days. In order to ensure the infection resolves completely, they must take the medications exactly as your Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic doctor prescribes.

If your child has recurrent ear infections, your provider may refer you to a specialist to discuss surgery. 

Surgery may be necessary to place drainage tubes and reduce future risk of fluid buildup in the middle ear. This type of treatment can provide long-term relief of chronic ear infections and pain in children of all ages.

If unexplained ear pain is affecting your child’s health, don’t delay an evaluation for an ear infection. You can book a consultation with the Yeled Shalom Pediatric Clinic team online or by phone today.